Next step, try some of our great coffee!

The next step now that we have given you pricing is to try some coffee to see if you like our products!

Join customers from all over the US in selling your very own coffee!




What does the full process look like?


Choose your coffee!

The first step in the process is to try from our wide selection of coffee's and see what you like! Order as many samples as you like.


Design Your Packaging

Once you have your coffees, it is time to design your packaging. Canva is a free design software that allows you to add your logos, fonts, and colors. Check out our template below!


Start an Order

With your coffee's picked out, your packaging designed, you are ready to order some coffee! Our turnaround times are generally a handful of days from when we have final designs.


Can I taste the coffee before I decide to go with Matchbox?

Yep! You can try any and all of our 15 different white label coffees HERE.

Interested in something else? We can do fully custom private label roasts for you too! Just schedule a time to chat with one of our coffee experts below to learn more!

Can I brand the coffee with my own brand?

Yep! That is the goal of our white label / private label program. You choose a coffee (or multiple) that you love, you design the labels for your bag using your own logos, names, colors, etc. and we package and ship the coffee to you. We don't put any of our own branding on your bag. You are free to name the coffee's whatever you like and to sell them to whomever you wish!

What are my options for bags?

We offer two options for branding your bags. The first is using our stock black, white, or kraft colored bags and designing your own 4x4" label. We print the labels in house, put them on your bags, and package the coffee up. This is the most cost-efficient method and does not require any minimum order quantities.

The second option is to print fully customized bags. You can see an example of these on our website. Our bags are full print. We are happy to provide these but please note there is a 1,000 bag minimum order quantity from our printer. You do not have to buy 1000 bags worth of coffee right up front, but you will need to purchase all 1,000 of the printed bags up front.

The last option is to send us your own bags to package. We charge a small handling and storage fee for this service.

How much does your coffee cost? 

Our pricing quiz is the best way to get a rough estimate of our costs without needing to make final decisions on bags, coffee's, or packaging design. If you want to get final numbers, use our "Start an Order" form above to get a full quote from our team!

Do you do dropshipping? 

Yes!!! The ownership team at Matchbox Coffee are proud founders of our sister company, Roastify. Roastify is a full-service dropshipping app built specifically for dropshipping coffee. We are extremely excited about the system that has been built and can't wait for you to give it a try!

Do you ship bulk? 

Yep! We offer the following bag sizes:

      • 2oz Sample Bags (black only)
      • 12oz Standard Bags (black, white, kraft, or custom)
      • 2lb Kraft Bags
      • 5lb Kraft Bags
      • 20lb bags
      • 40lb bags

What is your average turnaround time?

Once we have your artwork finalized and your bag selection and invoices paid, we generally turn around your order within 5 business days. Please allow extra time for any custom coffee orders, label revisions, etc.

How do I design my labels? 

For our 12oz bags, we use 4" x 4" labels and our sample bags use 4" x 3" labels. We have design files avaliable for you to download HERE.

Please note, your design MUST include: Bag weight (12oz standard), Bag contents (Roasted Coffee), and location the coffee was roasted, our location. Feel free to reach out to one of our experts if you have additional questions.

I have more questions!

Not a problem. Scroll down to schedule a call with one of our experts. They will help walk you through the process in more depth!

Chat with an expert!

Schedule a call to chat with one of our coffee experts so we can learn more about your project. Use the Calendly calendar to choose a good time for you. !