Have you ever gone camping or on a trip and completely forgotten to pack a coffee pot? You are stranded without any hope! Well, now you are in luck. Watch the video above or read the directions below on how to make coffee without a coffee maker!

What You DO NEED To Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker

How To Measure:

Measuring Coffee


  1. First, get your pot that is safe to use over a fire or camping stove.
  2. Grab your coffee cup or mug to use to measure out water
    1. A standard coffee mug holds about 10 - 12 oz of liquid.
    2. If you have a taller mug then it probably is 16 - 14 oz.
    3. Another trick is using a regular empty tin can! A standard tin can hold about 12 oz of liquid.
  3. Using your cup of choice, fill your vessel 3/4th of the way full with water.
  4. Count how many cups it takes to fill your vessel.

Prepping the Ground Coffee:

  1. Grab a empty clean mug or bowl to put measured out coffee in
  2. Grab your pre-ground coarse coffee or your grinder and set it to “medium coarse”
  3. Now, remembering how many cups it took to fill your vessel follow the increments below
    1. If using a standard cup (10-12oz), add 4 rounded tablespoons of coffee for each cup needed
    2. If using a taller cup (16-14oz), add 6 rounded tablespoons of coffee for each cup needed
    3. If used a tin can (12oz), add 4 rounded tablespoons of coffee for each cup needed
      1. Quick Breakdown
        1. 8 TBS = ½ cup
        2. 16 TBS = 1 cup
    4. If coffee isn’t ground, add the needed amount of coffee to the grinder and grind away!

Brewing the Coffee:

Coffee Without a Coffee Maker
    1. Once water has come to a boil, take it off the heat source and wait for the water to become still.
    2. Add the needed amount of ground coffee for your vessel and stir gently and only long enough until all the coffee grounds are saturated in water.
    3. Set a timer to 4 min.
    4. You will see a crust form on the top while it brews, leave it until the timer runs out.
    5. When the time is up, grab a spoon and gently break the crust that formed by stirring it. Be sure not to over mix.
    6. Take a small strainer to gently scrape all the residue left on top
      1. You can also use two spoons or a ladle to scrape off the top and be more successful than I was in this video!
    7. Next, serve and enjoy!
    8. Use a ladle to gently scoop out the coffee so you don’t disrupt the coffee grounds on the bottom of the vessel.
    9. The closer you get to the bottom of the pot the more bitter and gritty the coffee will be. That’s just cowboy coffee for ya! But at least you finally have a way to make coffee when life gets in the way and things are forgotten about.
September 26, 2022 — David Ilgenfritz