Whether you need a lightweight coffee maker for backpacking, a small device to throw in the camper, or just want a very smooth cup of joe...Meet the AeroPress! The AeroPress was invented by retired Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler. Adler began developing the brewer in 2004, with the intention of reducing acidity and bitterness in his daily cup of coffee! He succeeded! 

What you Need to make this AeroPress Recipe:

  • Recommended Coffee: Guatemala Single Origin
  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress filter
  • Hot water kettle or small pot for heating up water
  • Spoon
  • Mug of choice



  • Medium-Fine Ground Coffee (should look like granulated sugar)
  • Hot water

AeroPress Recipe | Prep & Measure

  1. Start by heating up water to a boil
  2. To assemble your aeropress and create the brewing chamber, take the plunger and the hollow tube with the numbers on it.
  3. Insert the plunger in the end of the hollow tube closest to the number 4
  4. Push until the black plunger is right on the number 4
  5. Once you’ve created your brewing chamber, weigh out 16 grams (or 2 heaping TBSP) and grind your coffee to a medium fine grind.
  6. Place coffee inside the chamber and gently shake to even out the grounds

Brewing the Coffee:

    1. Once water has come to a boil, let it stil for 1-2 min
    2. Get timer ready, start the timer once water hits the coffee (not shown in video but recommended!)
    3. Carefully pour water into the chamber over the ground coffee up until a little past the number 3.
    4. Wait 30 seconds then take your spoon and stir
      1. This is the blooming process which starts the release of carbon dioxide in coffee
    5. Filling the chamber with water all the way to number 1
    6. Let it sit and brew for 2-2.5min
    7. If skipping the blooming process, give the coffee a stir after the time is up
    8. Add the paper filter to the filter cap and wet the filter with the hot water
    9. Shake off excess water
    10. Screw the cap on top of the brewing chamber 
    11. Place mug of choice over the filter cap and using both hands use one to grab the joint of the aeropress and the other on the mug
    12. Flip the aeropress over so that the cup is now resting on the counter
    13. Firmly begin to press the plunger down until you hear a hissing noise
      1. That is the indicator that then brewing is complete
    14. Slightly pull the plunger back so it doesn’t drip when you take it off the cup
    15. Drink and enjoy!


Clean up for the AeroPress is extremely easy! To clean out, remove the filter top and dump used grounds into the compost or trash. Then, just rinse well with hot water and set it out to dry! It is ready for your next use :) 

October 18, 2022 — David Ilgenfritz